Sunday, April 19, 2009

It happened so fast..

The weekend that is. It seems just yesterday, I was in my car drumming my steering wheel and singing cheerfully, as I peeled out of the office parking lot. Now its Sunday night, and I'm glumly laying out clothes for work tomorrow..Boo.

Well at least we got a lot accomplished this weekend. We finished the commercial and finally saw Observe and Report.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were really interested in seeing this movie. It was written and directed by Jody Hill, who made The Foot Fist Way one of the nuttiest comedy films out there. "Observe" has a lot of the same elements: A delusional, self-absorbed protagonist who has intense love for his job. And a lot of the same actors show up in this movie. Seth Rogen plays Ronnie, a security guy who takes himself waay to seriously.

He's overprotective to the point of raging violence. For instance, he smashes a fast food manager's head into an oven for mocking an underling. He breaks skateboards over the heads of juvenile delinquents. Oh yeah, and he shoots a flasher. The guy's pretty psychotic but its all done in hilarious way, and you end up liking him.

Seth Rogen does a good job playing Ronnie as an idiot savant, to the point that you're rooting for him to reach his dream of becoming a cop even though he is so obviously a danger to the public just being a security gaurd. So definitely go see it if your a fan of quirky, shocking comedies (and who isn't). But just be forewarned there's a nude scene of a fat guy running around with his genitalia flapping in the air, that goes on for like ten minutes..very disturbing. Otherwise, another good Jody Hill film.

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