Saturday, March 14, 2009


We bought our Imac today! Yes It's been a long time coming :) This will help us infinitely in improving our efficiency in creating and editing videos. A's trusty old G5 Mac was a reliable, machine that has go us through a LOT of editing in the past year. But over the past few months the 6 year old Mac has really started to show its age, and with every project has gotten slower and more difficult to use (i.e. freezing, shutting programs down without warning, losing files). As we progress towards more commercial work, its becoming too risky to rely on such an iffy machine. So now we are confident that we can edit a large amount of projects concurrently without the added stress of worrying about a temperamental machine.

I am proud to say we were successful in using our old student ID to get $100 dollars knocked off the price. There was a moment when the clerk was running A's student card thru the machine when it felt like a scene from a thriller when the character is almost caught during some service transaction: the clock ticks, sweat beads form on the forehead and the service person does everything reeeaally sloow. All the while you're like "c'mon!!! Let's get this done already!" Eventually the clerk just gathered his info and added the discount without any real trouble.

There is no better feeling than walking into an Apple store when you know you're going to buy something. Usually we walk in like starved street urchins at a bakery, licking our lips and staring wistfully at all the sleek, futuristic machines of perfection. And for once, we were able to walk out heads high, with a huge, shiny Apple Box in our arms. We're one of them! One of those happy, shiny people who waltz into the Apple Store and can buy what they want! Well for today at least. We'll probably won't be able to buy anything from the store for another year, but who cares?? Today we felt what it was like...

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