Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Without a box...

Happy Tuesday,

Thank god its no longer Monday....anyway this week we are focusing on film resources available online. And one resource that we cannot ignore is withoutabox.com. Withoutabox is a site dedicated to help filmmakers screen films by providing information about over 3,000 Festivals on 5 continents and with information on how to promote films to millions of fans on IMBD. In addition, there is information on how to self distribute on DVD and much more. Be sure to checkout withoutabox.com.

Love him or hate him, Michael Moore has made his mark on American culture with controversial films such as Sicko and Fahrenheit 911. Continuing this trend, Moore has released on his website his film Slacker Uprising for free. Slacker Uprising is an interesting film because it documents Moore's 62-city tour of the swing states during the 2004 Presidential election. Check it out!.

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