Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wildly Imaginative

I am sooo excited about the upcoming film, Where the Wild Things Are! A trailer has just come out and it looks really exciting..

Spike Jonze knows how to have fun with imaginative material, and it looks like he's recreated the look of the book perfectly. The monsters are so cuddly and real! And I'm glad he didn't go hog-wild with the CGI. From what I understand, the actors were suited up in the monster costumes and the faces were CGI'd on later. That makes a huge difference. Yes, CGI can do wonders, but their is still a distinct tangibleness missing with CGI ( I'm talking to you George Lucas). This looks waay more convincing. Here's an
article about all the trouble that went into making this film (mainly from asshole studio execs as usual)

I do remember reading this book when I was really little, but seeing as that was some twenty odd years ago, I've almost completely forgotten it. Fortunately, I found a youtube vid of the entire book with audio. So now, when you discuss the upcoming movie with your friends, you can act all knowledgable and wise about the story, like you have some crazy photographic memory and remember stories you read at 5, despite being high off all the finger paint you were eating.

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