Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Tonite sucks. Here we were innocently capturing footage onto our new Imac, when BOOM. The room went black and silent. Apparently, making toast while simultaneously using the camera, Imac and Macbook, was just too powerful a technology orgy, and the breaker went off. The Imac didn't fry, but our Final Cut Pro program became corrupted and refused to turn on. Panic ensued. We have spent the last two hours grappling with this computer and JUST now were able to get FCP to work again. Phew.. word of advice-when in doubt with FCP, always delete the current user profiles. It would've saved us an evening of trouble if we had followed those instructions correctly.

Anyways the computers fixed and we are going to trek even more tentatively around this Mac when were working on it. Especially in this old apartment. It makes sense if you think about it..when this apartment was built (back in 1603 or whatever) people had no idea of the extent that technology and energy would exist in our lives. We're pretty much dependent on them. And that's exactly how the robots want it =(

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