Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yesterday was such a looong day. We shot the Jim Beam commercial for 3 hours. And there was a lot of setup and and postioning for camera shots. It's really hard to film something when you haven't scouted the location beforehand. That was really our fault since we didn't have access to the bar, beforehand to setup the scenes. Anyways, we came in at 1 and were done by 4, so it went okay. We are working right now on uploading the footage. It's taking a little bit longer than usual mainly due to the fact that the Apple we're working on is really old and keeps quitting on us. But I'm glad we shot this commercial-everyone was hilarious and super enthusiastic about doing it, which of course counts for like 90% of the success. And I am proud to say that the zombie getups ended up looking pretty cool!

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