Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More video contest (smile and cringe)

So we were sitting on the couch perusing Youtube, when we ran across the winning video for the Project Direct contest (the one where you win a trip to Sundance).

It’s a cute vid. Kinda funny and original, but I think we could have done better IMHO. So I’ve been kicking myself ever since, for not taking a couple of days and shooting the video. So now, we’ve decided to take a chance and do another contest… The Jim Beam contest

This contest is interesting. The rules are that you need to create a spoof of one of the three videos they’ve posted. But the three videos are weird. They’re just a bunch of hot girls talking to the camera about how much they love women and lazy guys etc. I realize the concept is supposed to be all about “The Perfect Girl” but its just kind of deadpanned and not funny.

And you can tell people are confused regarding the rules, because there are a LOT of the videos being uploaded to the site that have nothing to do with the three main videos. People are just doing their own thing! It’s pretty funny! But honestly it’s good for us, because the more people do the contest wrong, the better chances we have bwhahahaaaaaa!!!

I’ll keep you posted with our progress on the video. Wish us luck!

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