Thursday, February 19, 2009


Nothing exciting happening here today. Just scooping our brains back in, after a long day of having them drained out by the monkeys at work. On an exciting note, I'm getting closer to buying a desperately needed laptop.. The one I have now has so many problems. First off, there's is a huge green line down the middle of the screen, the battery's dead so I have to keep it plugged in at all times, half the keys came off and I had to re-glue them back on, and it takes a full 7 minutes to boot up. Not fun. We are trying to decide if I should go with a Dell or take the plunge and buy a Macbook. A Dell would be MUCH cheaper, but the Mac is more creative-oriented, which is what Im going to need as we start doing more projects. Normally, Id never be able to afford a Mac, but it looks like Ill soon be receiving a small work bonus that is just enough for me to be able to afford the Mac! yeay Im so excited. I'll make sure and post what type of notebook I eventually buy. Ciao for now ;)

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