Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well here is my new laptop! Ain't it a beauty? I've waited so long. Its really cool. It comes with editing software, garage band and a bunch of other cool applications. Also I powered it on this morning and was able to work on it within 30 seconds! Which is a lot more than I can say for my other anyways, we have a VERY full schedule this weekend, as we are shooting a vid for the jim beam contest saturday, and need to edit it fairly quickly. Ill keep u posted with how thats going.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I got my laptop last night! Yeay! Im sooo excited! Ill post pictures of it later today :)

Monday, February 23, 2009


Another long monday. But we've spent the last couple of hours working on the GWAG film, so we've been pretty productive. Hope ur haing a good night.

Sunday, February 22, 2009




So we saw Milk last night at the Landmark Theater in hillcrest. I know its kind of late in the game to see this movie, but there have been just so many films we've wanted to watch since the end of the year that it took us this long to finally get to see it.

First off, the line into the theater was outrageous! It wrapped all the way around the second-floor walkway and down the stairs. And everyone in line was like "La-de-da, lets go see this Slumlord Millionaire movie everyones talking about. but the line is sooo loong. Its about some poor guy winning Who Wants to be a Millionaire, right?" And I wanted to scream "No! It's about love and struggle and hope and the game show is just a backdrop to tell this kid's story, and you embeciles wouldn't have to wait in this long line in the first place, if you had went to see this movie in November, when I begged everyone to go see it! Oh all have to wait until the Academy gives the movie its blessing-then your cramming your butts into the theater, and ruining my peaceful night at the movies! (I realize my hypocrisy in us going to see Milk this late)

Anyways I after all the hoopla about this movie it was nice to be able to finally see it and make my own judgements. It was a good movie. Fun, colorful and fast moving. You really felt like you were in 1970s San Francisco during all the changes and excitement. And Sean Penn was good cuz let me tell you, the movie was very unabashed in its display of the male gay culture. There are a LOT of sex scenes. It makes Brokeback look like Milo and Otis! But they were completely appropiate to the character and story and not gratuitous at all. And if you think about it, The Reader had three times as many sex scenes. So it was pretty cool to see Sean Penn just jump into this character with so much enthusiasm, slapping dude's asses and whatnot.

My only two gripes about this movie were a) For a movie about homosexual oppression, there were hardly any lesbian women in it. And you can't tell me they weren't an integral part of that movement.

And b)I have never seen a mainstream movie where a lead gay character is actually played by a gay person. Its always some famous straight actor who is lauded for "taking chances" i.e. Heath, Jake, Charlize, Sean Penn, Tom Hanks etc... Are we only comfortable watching gay characters when we know the actor isnt really gay? Theres a good article on this subject here

Saturday, February 21, 2009

At the Movies!!!

Were sitting in a hot crowded theater about to watch Milk

Balboa Park

Its a beautiful day to spend at the park nursing a hangover.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday night and Im feeeling alright

I'm procrastinating when I should be getting ready to go out downtown..but Moulin Rouge is such a great movie! We can be heerooooes! This movie is such a crazy collage of glitter, pop music and makeup. Its awesome fun and making me late. Thats okay though. Sometimes we all need inspiration to get dressed and look fabulous, no? I hope you're all having a great night full of love and magic :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Nothing exciting happening here today. Just scooping our brains back in, after a long day of having them drained out by the monkeys at work. On an exciting note, I'm getting closer to buying a desperately needed laptop.. The one I have now has so many problems. First off, there's is a huge green line down the middle of the screen, the battery's dead so I have to keep it plugged in at all times, half the keys came off and I had to re-glue them back on, and it takes a full 7 minutes to boot up. Not fun. We are trying to decide if I should go with a Dell or take the plunge and buy a Macbook. A Dell would be MUCH cheaper, but the Mac is more creative-oriented, which is what Im going to need as we start doing more projects. Normally, Id never be able to afford a Mac, but it looks like Ill soon be receiving a small work bonus that is just enough for me to be able to afford the Mac! yeay Im so excited. I'll make sure and post what type of notebook I eventually buy. Ciao for now ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting up to date

A lot has happened in the last couple of months since our previous posts. A lot of fun and exciting projects will be happening in the next few months and we can't wait to fill you in. However, staring at a computer for nine hours a day has the tendency to suck the life force out of you, so I haven't had the energy to write a big detailed catch-up post. So here goes the very abbreviated version of what has happened lately:

1) Bought our camera (yeay!!)and it's awesome-super professional looking
2) We have a wedding to shoot in June (double-yeay!!)
3) We've completely re-written GWAG and plan to do some re-shoots next month and finally finish the film.
4) All of our computer equipment is on its deathbed (Boo!)
5) We desperately need to save up and buy an Imac, 2 laptops, a tripod and boom mike, all the while chewing our fingers and looking behind our backs waiting for the recession to hit our jobs and render us destitute.
6)We're going to shoot yet another video contest ;)

At some point I'll go into a little more detail, but for now the cliff notes will have to do :)

On another note, it feels good to be back blogging! Discipline is this is my best training. Ciao y'all!!

F'n Studios-Why are they such assholes???

You always hear about screenwriter's being treated bad in Hollywood. No one takes you seriously, greasy studios screw you out of your earnings, kick you in the groin etc. Hell, that's what the writer's strike was about, right? Studios were making writer's create extra content for TV shows and DVDs, but not paying them for it. I swear those guys are so greedy.

Anywho, the main screenwriter for The Watchmen Movie has finally gotten the cojones to come out and describe how he got screwed by the The Mr. Burns of the Hollywood aka Rupert Murdoch and cronies at Fox Studios. Read the article HERE

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More video contest (smile and cringe)

So we were sitting on the couch perusing Youtube, when we ran across the winning video for the Project Direct contest (the one where you win a trip to Sundance).

It’s a cute vid. Kinda funny and original, but I think we could have done better IMHO. So I’ve been kicking myself ever since, for not taking a couple of days and shooting the video. So now, we’ve decided to take a chance and do another contest… The Jim Beam contest

This contest is interesting. The rules are that you need to create a spoof of one of the three videos they’ve posted. But the three videos are weird. They’re just a bunch of hot girls talking to the camera about how much they love women and lazy guys etc. I realize the concept is supposed to be all about “The Perfect Girl” but its just kind of deadpanned and not funny.

And you can tell people are confused regarding the rules, because there are a LOT of the videos being uploaded to the site that have nothing to do with the three main videos. People are just doing their own thing! It’s pretty funny! But honestly it’s good for us, because the more people do the contest wrong, the better chances we have bwhahahaaaaaa!!!

I’ll keep you posted with our progress on the video. Wish us luck!

We're Baaaaccckkk!!!

Hello again,

My it has been a long time. Well, there's a really good explanation for the long reticence. We got attacked by a lion. No kidding. Right after Christmas, we were walking around, hopelessly lost in the Appalachian woods when we noticed the sound of a baby's cry coming from the bushes. Curious, we stepped gingerly into the the brush only to find a sneaky mountain lion laying in wait. He was wearing a tux and holding a small tape recorder from which the baby sound was emanating. "Gotcha!" he cried and jumped on us. We tussled for 2 days. He would scratch our necks- We would pull off one of his claws. He chipped a tooth-we'd poke his eyeball. The struggle was epic and magnanimous. But eventually the lion tired and we prevailed, by somehow being able grasp his jaw on both sides with our hands and pulling, until all at once the joyous sound of his mandibles cracking rang throughout the woods. We threw his lifeless carcass to the ground. Exhausted, we picked up his tape recorder and bowtie, and left the woods off to find my way home. We just got back.

So anyways as you can see we've been very busy and weren't ableto post blogs. But that time has ended and we can now safely say that we're back to blogging and will be more disciplined and robust than ever! We promise!