Thursday, November 20, 2008


Here's the deal: We need a camera. And not just any old mickey mouse DV - a real camera. The kind you see people with equipment jackets and boom mikes carrying around at music festivals. Or the kind you flap your arms in front of on the street while some flustered news correspondent tries to complete his story.Basically a professional level camera, that will improve the quality of our videos and makes us look more legit to potential collaborators.Case in point:

Plus once we get a good camera, we'll be able to get work as videographers shooting quincinearas and weddings-btw people make sooo much money shooting weddings!Although hopefully none of the ones we film end up like this
But ...they're *crazy *expensive! Well actually they're only $3,299, but that's a LOT when you're a struggling filmmaker living in San Diego, the land of $12 Gin and Tonics..

Nevertheless, we've derived a (somewhat) solid plan to buy our dream camera by December 11th. And if we eat only Top Ramen and avoid buying gas for the next few weeks, we might just meet our goal. As we approach the deadline, I'll keep you updated as to how close we are to buying our camera.

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